Boiler servicing

Protect your boiler and central heating

The boiler is an integral part of every home, powering both central heating and hot water.

Preventing problems with your boiler is therefore key to avoiding any unnecessary disturbances to your daily routine. The good news is that you don’t have to be an engineer to ensure that your boiler is running as smoothly as possible during the winter months.

Regular servicing as a preventative measure

One of the best ways to ensure that your boiler is there for you when you need it is to ensure that it undergoes regular servicing. Much like with your car, putting your boiler through regular services can go a long way to keeping it running well, all year round.

The essential guide to boiler maintenance

Having to undergo repairs on your boiler can be as expensive as it is inconvenient. It’s far better to keep an eye on your boiler, ensuring that it’s working at its most efficient at regular intervals, than to be forced to fork out for repairs – or to experience unnecessarily high energy bills over the colder months. But what do you need to know about boiler maintenance?

The first thing you can do to make sure that you’re getting the most from your boiler is to put it through annual servicing. The cost of doing so is likely to pale into insignificance when compared to the amount you could otherwise be spending on unforeseen repairs. A boiler which isn’t cared for regularly is also likely to be inefficient, costing more than it needs to in running costs.

With a standard service from heatingsmart, you can expect the following:

  • Functionality testing of all components.
  • Inspection and cleaning of all pipes and components.
  • Replacement of any parts which are no longer functioning.

A faulty boiler can be extremely dangerous. According to government statistics, each year in the UK, around 4,000 people go to A and E with carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning due to leaking boilers, 200 people are hospitalised and on average, 50 adults and children die. A Gas Safe qualified boiler engineer will check for and fix any leaks or weak points during a service.
If your house is the only one in the area with problems, it’s probably not just a power cut, and one of our engineers can come round to diagnose exactly what’s wrong. Depending on the problem, we can repair your wiring, fuse boxes or light fittings if they’re damaged or broken.
At Heatingsmart we will make sure your boiler is running as efficiently as possible and isn’t squandering energy – this will save you money on your bills, as well as cutting your home or business’ carbon footprint.

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